Sunday, May 18, 2014

Productive Saturday

Yesterday was nice.  I felt like we got a substantial amount of "to-do" items crossed off our list.

Eric and I enjoyed a "bit" of wine the night before, so it was nice to be able to sleep in without anywhere to go.  No soccer, no event, nothing.

We got up and started cleaning the house.  The kitchen and family room look MUCH better.  We relaxed a bit, watched tv and ran errands.

Knowing that we'll be going to a funeral in the next 2-3 weeks, but not knowing exactly when, I am trying to get as much done as possible for upcoming events like the end of school, graduation, teacher appreciation day, parties, etc.  I bought supplies for the 8th grade retreat on Wednesday.  I bought the table setting for the teacher lunch day.  I bought the gift to make for Father Robert's 10th anniversary celebration.  I bought several graduation gifts.

We got through the laundry.  I just need to get it all folded and put away, but that should happen today.

Finally, we went to the OLPH Neon Fun Run and then had dinner at the Spaghetti Factory with a giftcard we found!  It was like finding money in your winter coat pocket!  I think the meal tasted better than usual!

First stop of the afternoon was Costco for water and an early Father's Day present for Eric.  This photo was taken after Hudson dumped an entire cup of Pepsi onto the floor because he was trying to break his hot dog in half.  Eric is busy adjusting his watch.  The sucker weighs 11 ounces!  It is heavy!

I tried to take a photo of Evan, but he threw his hand up and bumped my phone.  Here is a lovely shot of the corner of the Costco picnic table.

We headed to SJM for the OLPH Fun Run.  Besides jogging the track, there was a rock wall, a slingshot bouncy thing, sack races, Little Gym stuff, and strong guys doing a monkey bar routine.

It turned out to be a really nice evening weather wise, but Eric and I still hid out in our amazingly easy pop up tent until the sun disappeared!

Evan nearing the top of the rock wall.

Hudson making his way up the wall.

Almost there!

He looks like a tarsier (monkey from the Philippines that 1st grade studied)!

The wall turned out to be a huge hit, and both boys climbed it several times.

Made it!

Eric and I emerged from our tent to walk a lap when it was the first grade run time.  Hudson lapped us.  He's fast!

Look at that form!  Go, Hudson, go!  He was first place, but I don't think they got awards or anything.  I should have gotten one for slowest walker.  But I did dance as I walked!

We also walked a lap when it was the fourth grade run time.  Here comes Evan around the track.  He lapped us twice.  He, also, was the fastest of his group.

Evan ended up running 3/4 of a mile.  Hudson ran a 1/2 mile.  Strong and amazing kids!

Dinner was great, and then we came home, snuggled with the kids in our bed, watched an episode of The Black List, and fell asleep.  I love these types of Saturdays.

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