Friday, May 2, 2014

No passing out on a jr. kindergarten kid

Hudson didn't want to go to school today.  He threw up last night, but we attributed it to eating Starburst for dinner.  He told me, "I just want to rest my body."

I was half way through a text to my boss before realizing he would be fine.  And he was perfectly fine running around school like a loon.

I, however, was NOT fine.  I felt fine at first, but later almost fainted at Mass.  That is decidedly not fun.

I didn't want to completely pass out and fall on a junior kindergarten kid, so I tried to put my head down without drawing too much attention to myself.

Long story short, I got out of church, the Jr. K teacher got me water, I felt like crap all day, and came home at 2.  I should have stayed home to let Hudson 'just rest his body.'  I'm not sure what's up with me, but I feel ick.

Rather than post a sad picture of myself, I was going through some old pics of the kids when they were little.  How is it possible they were this little?  The pictures make me smile.

Busy weekend and month ahead.  Must rest.

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