Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Have a Hard Job...if you count relaxing by a pool hard!

Today was the 8th grade field trip to the Island Water Park.  I only had 16 kids out of 22 attend.  Last week, the numbers attending were even smaller, but that's another story.  Let's just say the principal gave them a bit of incentive to show up, swim, and act happy!

Honestly, I'm not sure why almost half the class wasn't interested in the water park.  Who is going to pass up a day of no schoolwork, relaxing, playing, and no stress?  Not me!  Turns out we had a good time.

I picked a spot near the baby pool and set up camp.  I figured if I got too hot I could wade in the shallow water.  It never came to that.  It was also a nice day with only four schools and around 300 kids total.  I never felt overwhelmed by people or kids.

I think the hat and glasses with my hair pulled back make me look like a boy or a bug.  Oh well.  My goal was to not get burned.  We all need a goal.  I succeeded in my goal.  Still pale as a ghost.

Midway through the day I switched chairs and sunglasses.  Here I am lounging.  Rough life.  The kids pretty much scattered and only came back to base camp for food or sunscreen.  The rest of the time I was on my own.

My shady view in the lounge chair.

I had my iPad, my book, my phone, and peace!

I think I'll just settle back and watch the world float by.  It was hot, but staying under the trees kept it manageable.

Just before driving back to school.  It is always so weird to me that 1. I have a car that can hold 7 people and 2. there were 7 people in my car!  Six teenagers in the car is something different!

I think the trip was a success.  I had two kids tell me that they had more fun than they thought they would!  Yay!  Like I told them, it was never my intention to torture them into a day off from school!

Tomorrow is practice for graduation.  When they ask how long we practice, the answer is, "Until Mrs. Forcey cries!"  There is usually a moment when they all process into the church, take their spots, and I just can't imagine that they are almost done and ready for high school.  Sniff.

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