Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Recipe

My mom gave me two new recipe books for Mother's Day.  I tried out the cheesy enchilada recipe last night.  Super easy prep to put this together.

I got Dump Dinners and Dump Desserts.

Ugh, my forehead looks huge!  I have new contacts, but I can't figure out which ones are for the right eye and which are for the left.  We bought them from a wholesaler, and they didn't label the boxes like Costco does!  Woops!  In the meantime, at least I like my glasses that I got in February.

I really liked watching Dancing With the Stars this season and adored Meryl and Maks.  Oh my goodness they are an amazing couple.  I don't think this photo is of them.  The finale was on last night so I took a super amazing picture of the tv.

A quick 20 minutes later the enchiladas were ready.  I ate at least three.  I was hungry.  They were really good.  Considering the one and only time I tried to make authentic enchiladas was a total disaster, these were easy and tasty!

Thank you, Mom!

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