Sunday, November 13, 2011

Not Much Going On...

...except regular everyday stuff such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, lesson planning, exercising, taking a trip to the library, watching tv, blogging, reading books, and playing. See? Nothing much going on here!

I guess I got a bug up my butt this morning because I went at the kitchen with Magic Erasers, vinegar spray, and finally Pine Sol. One corner of the kitchen is VERY clean. I could just stand there all day and admire the lack of grease.

So pretty. Smells very piney. Too much in fact. The scent is messing with allergies and giving me a headache.

The other side of the kitchen still needs major attention.

Ugh. This counter is our "fire spot." It's like a fire that grows out of control. It is so hard to keep this counter clean. It's the catch all for everything that has no home. I'll have to post another picture if I get it cleaned up today.

Evan has been requesting a trip to the library since Friday. He is very into Magic Tree House books right now. He thinks it's funny that most of the books on his bookshelves at school have my name on the inside front cover. I bought lots of books for my class when I taught 3rd grade.

The library was closed on Friday for Veteran's Day. We ran out of time to go yesterday. Today we made it there.

Evan found two MTH books. I found a Meg Cabot book. Hudson didn't want any books. He wanted to play with toys. I picked a book for him, and we just got done reading it. It was a cute story.

Hudson seemed to like it. Even Evan poked his head around the corner to listen to the story.

Garlic is roasting in the oven. Prime rib for dinner. Eric is folding laundry. Kids are playing soccer out back. I'm going to do lesson plans.

Maybe if I get stuff done early, I won't have that dreaded feeling of heading back to work only half ready. Being prepared is half the battle, I guess!

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