Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Sometimes I walk around my house asking why? Why are various items in various spots? Why, why, why? Sometimes I can answer my own question. Sometimes I can't.

Here's a stream of "why's" from just today.

There is a toy gun in the bathroom sink. Why? I can't answer this one.

The gun in the sink is the sight that started my pondering for today. Obviously, the gun has something to do with my children. I'm guessing this was Hudson's work. Was he scared while pooping? Were there dangers in the bathroom requiring a weapon? Your guess is as good as mine.

I can add another why to the above photo. Why are there four toothbrushes for just two kids? Shrug.

Then I started looking around for other oddities and why's. They weren't hard to find.

At least this one I can answer. Hudson made this Valentine decoration last year when he went to a daycare for two days while our regular daycare provider was on vacation. I hung it over the fireplace and never took it down. I think it needs to go into Hudson's memory box. It's time.

Train tracks going from the family room and wrapping around the kitchen island. Why? It's vacation, and the boys are having fun and mostly getting along.

Another one I just can't answer. I don't know why this kid likes wearing things over his head. I just have no answer.

There are undoubtedly more why's than just these, but I'll stop here. We don't need people knowing just how strange we truly are!

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