Monday, November 28, 2011

Money and Santa

Eric and I have been working on our family budget for a few months now. We don't share money details with the kids, but we also don't talk about it in secrecy.

Evan knows about money. He is getting better and better at understanding the true value of a dollar. He also knows that we can't buy everything we want any time we want. We work and save for the things we want.

Yesterday we were at the mall, and the line for Santa was empty. I am all about getting the Santa visit over with, so we walked over to talk with the jolly guy.

Hudson, surprisingly, had no interest whatsoever in speaking to Santa. He wasn't scared. He wasn't crying. Even with his brother sitting on Santa's lap, that didn't convince him to walk over to say hi. When I asked him why he didn't want to see Santa, he said, "That wasn't the real Santa."

Oh. Okay. I guess Hudson is holding out for the real deal!

Evan did see Santa. I asked him what he asked for. Books and DS video games.

Later on Evan asked me which cost more money, the books or the video games. I told him that video games are more expensive.

He said, "Okay, then I'll have Santa bring me the video games, and you and Dad can bring me the books because they don't cost as much!"

Awwww! A part of me thinks this is very sweet. He wants to save us money. A part of me wonders if he hears too much money talk.

In any case, I sure hope Santa got the message that Evan wants video games!

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