Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Eric. Happy Birthday to Eric. Happy Birthday to my husband. Happy Birthday to Eric.

If I had to sum up Eric in one word it would be "family." Following are a few photos showing how the majority of his days are spent with, for, and helping his family.

Amazing dad with a Magic Armpit. As in, any of us, including the dogs, can curl up into Dad's armpit and we are instantly asleep. Hence, the Magic Armpit.

He plays games with his kids.

He attends all family functions, including his mother-in-law's birthday lunch on New Year's Day.

He started a new sport this year - cycling.

He got honored at work.

He makes funny faces.

He comes to all of our races. He never complains about standing out in the freezing cold. He watches us run away, and he cheers as we run back.

He took us to Disneyland.

He took us to Monterey and hung out with the kids at the museum.

He took us on some pretty amazing bike rides.

He entered his first bike ride.

He tries his best to be patient with all of us!

He's there for all the the first day of preschool.

He whisks me away for kid-free weekends and watches me run races.

He got me into cycling.

Today's birthday lunch at Japanese Kitchen.

I love this man more than words can ever express. He is everything to our family. Happy Birthday!

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