Sunday, November 20, 2011

End of Soccer...sort of

Yesterday was the last game for OLPH soccer. Evan's school team was 11-0. They did a great job playing, and it was a great season.

We take a small break over the holidays and will start indoor soccer in January. However, Evan still continues with his "travel" team, Argentina. We haven't traveled anywhere as of yet. In fact, every game has taken place at Clovis East High School, which just so happens to be less than two blocks away from our house. I can handle being on a travel team like this!

The three returning players from last year. In my humble mom opinion, they were the superstars of the team. Isaiah, Louis, and Evan.

The whole team with their end of season trophies. The team is made of 1st and 2nd graders. It was neat to see the little guys improve tremendously over the season.

The team party was held at the indoor soccer arena located across from Fresno State. One of the dad's on our team just happens to own the arena! Very cool! The kids got to play soccer just for the fun of it. All the parents got involved, and it soon became a fun game of adults vs. kids. I think the kids won!

Eric had fun out there! I didn't. I was sick. I woke up the night before with a fever and chills. Not nice at all.

The team enjoyed cake and pizza after playing hard for an hour. Both Evan and Hudson were soooooo dirty from playing hard. Can't beat that!

After the party, we jetted off to basketball practice. We ended up staying longer to watch the San Joaquin Memorial basketball players play in a scrimmage. Those high school kids move fast! I could never handle that.

I guess now that one team is done for the season, our weeknights might get a little less busy. I don't know. We'll see. There always seems to be something that pops up. The three weeks in between Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be insanely busy.

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