Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Turlock Soccer Tournament

 Evan had a soccer tournament in Turlock last weekend.  We spent the night in what turned out to be a gross little motel.  Poor Eric.  He tries really hard to balance low cost with high quality places for the team to stay.  Unfortunately, this place didn't quite hit the mark.  We were slated to stay both Friday and Saturday night, but we decided to drive home and drive back on Sunday.  Best decision ever!

This was me waking up at 5ish on Saturday morning.  I look lovely because I spent the night shoving Hudson back onto his side of the bed.  Poor little Chicken.  No one wants to share a bed with him!

 Now that Evan's team is U11, we are wanting to start keeping stats for the games.  I volunteered, and Eric bought me my own special stat book!  The coaches seem to be pretty happy about the information.

 Hanging out between games.  The new Pumas uniforms look nice!

 This is what Hudson does most of the time between, during, before, and after games!  Thank goodness for Wifi.

 We got home on Saturday night at about 4, and we were all in bed by 8.  As much as I didn't want to, I made myself get up at 4:45 a.m. to do my workout.  If we had stayed in Turlock on Saturday night, I would have made myself workout whenever we happened to get home on Sunday.

As hard as it was to get up, I am soooooooo happy that the exercise was done for the day, because by the time we got home Sunday night, I was DONE with everything!  We were so tired and worn out and cranky.  Well, that last part was just me!

 We left early Sunday morning to head back to Turlock stopping at McDonald's on the way out of town.  I resisted because I was drinking my Shakeology.  (Insert snooty proud moment for resisting temptation one time!)

 There's the beautiful red roof wherein lie the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits, but there I am in the weird postage stamp drinking my shake!

 Once more, all the little brothers gather to play on a tablet.  I'm not sure what we are going to do when Hudson is too big to sit in the wagon!

 Winning the 3rd game!

 The boys played so well in this tournament.

 My amazing athlete.

 If I squint, I can almost see him at 18 playing this sport.  Sometimes he has such a maturity about him.

We made it to the Championship game against a Bay Area team.  This was the craziest game going into overtime and Penalty Kicks to determine the winner!  Unfortunately, we lost the PK's 3-2.  Sad as a mom, but so proud of the team and how well they played!  I was especially proud of Evan because sometimes he can get overly emotional, but instead he was helping to bolster his team.  Well done, Peanut!

 Waiting to get his medal.

 Guero and Diego.  Great teammate.

 Yes, boys, you are number 1 in my eyes!

 Evan gets his medal from his coaches.

 The defense leader.

My blondie.

We went to pizza as a team, drove home, and crashed.  It takes me two days to recover from these tournaments.  I'm really worried about the next one because it is the weekend before school starts.  I need to be on top of stuff and be completely ready for school before we leave.  Yikes!  Fun times and busy times.

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