Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beach Day

 Oh Monterey!  I love you so much!  We were there two weeks ago and jipped the kids out of being able to spend quality time playing on the beach.  So we decided to come back with nothing but a beach day in mind.  This is not something we usually do, so it was different for us.

 We left town before 7 and were on the beach by 10.  We packed our towels, blankets, dome tent, chairs, and ice chest so we had everything we needed for the day.

 The weather was perfect.  The kids had fun.  I was relaxed and happy.

 Oh my tan babies.

 No bathing suit for me.  I wasn't ever hot.  In fact, I got cold later in the afternoon.

 Wish I could live here.

 We camped out at Asilomar State Beach.  Very pretty place.  It was pretty empty in the morning and started getting a bit more crowded by the afternoon.

 The kids are buried under there!  Their faces are under the towel!

 They had so much fun with me burying them in sand!

 Evan can't stop laughing.

 Hudson was hysterically laughing!

 Sun in his eyes.

 Hudson lifted himself from the sand and attacked his helpless brother!

 And then laid on top of him!

 Needless to say, sand was everywhere!

 Evan wasn't thrilled with his brother.

 Hudson and I took a walk to explore the beach.

 He liked the rocks.

 He gets to keep his mohawk for only three more weeks.

 Not sure what he found,  but he seemed pretty interested in whatever it was.

 Those rocks hurt my feet.

 It was fun watching the waves come in and out of the crevices in the rocks.

 So handsome.

 I sprayed us all down with sunscreen, but apparently my lily white legs needed more than one coat.  I burned the backs of my legs pretty badly.  While the kids were swimming in the hotel pool, Eric went to get me aloe.  Oh the burn.  Not pretty.

My friend from childhood was able to meet us at the beach for a bit.  We talked for a while and then agreed to meet for dinner later.  We like to go to a restaurant called Gianni's Pizza.  Good food.  We went early because the place gets packed, especially on a Saturday night.  It was fun eating and talking with Amanda.

This morning we packed up and left the hotel to go to Em Le's in Carmel.  It is this tiny little restaurant where they serve amazing french toast that tastes like funnel cake.  Oh my this stuff is good!

And we are now home.  Back to 105 degree heat.  Hate the heat.  Want to live by the ocean.

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