Sunday, July 27, 2014


Life and summer are just moving forward full force.  Here's a mixture of the various things we've been up to.

 Faustino (the goalie on our soccer team) had a surprise birthday party.  They had a pool with a very tall slide.  The kids LOVED it.

 Hudson has become a much better swimmer this summer.

 I'm still working out and taking way more photos of myself than I ever have!

 Trying to eat healthy.

 It was my turn to get new shoes!  I got two pairs.  I actually like the orange ones better than the black ones, but they are both new and cute.

 I've gotten some good reading titles from the junior high kids in math camp.  They even let me borrow their books!  Hudson learned a lot about ocean animals.  The yellow thing is an octopus.  I thought it was a ghost!  The toilet paper tube thing is a jellyfish!  Hudson insisted on taking the jellyfish to the beach.  I don't think it lasted long in the water and wind!

 Still working out.  I finished Week 5 in P90X3.  This is my favorite workout shirt.  Soft and long.

 Last summer school field trip to the bowling alley.

 I beat both Coach and Mr. Dodd in my first game.  Scored 132!

 Fake throw to get a photo!

 Evan getting ready.


 Bummed with a gutter ball.

Just say no to candy.  It's hard not to stock up on candy for trips to the ocean.

We just got back from an overnight beach stay in Monterey.  I'll post pics in another post.

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