Friday, July 18, 2014

Escape Heat, Go Ice Skating

 And we are back at the ice rink.  We headed off to the rink on Monday afternoon to get out of the hot house.  I can't even describe how much I love being in a place that is 50 degrees.  A little piece of heaven in mid July!

 Hudson fell a lot, but also improved a lot.  He can skate pretty fast!

 Our friend, John, was with us for the fun.

 Yep, that's me gliding across the ice.  Love it!

 Hudson trying to put his gloves on his hands.  At first I thought gloves were silly, but later I wished I had some.  My hands were cold!

 After falling and smacking his hip, this one needed a hug from mom.  How can anyone say no to those eyes?!

 Got his hug and off he goes.

 What a cool kid!

 Why can't boys just stand there and smile to take a photo?  Because they are boys!

 This is the result of me saying, "Stop it with your hands!"

 Is it weird that I always look at their pants with a stripe down the side and think of the movie The Music Man?  The part where the kid wants his band uniform with a stripe down the side gets me every time!

We had a lot of fun and skated from two hours.  This kids want to go back again.  Summer is almost running out, so we'll definitely be back at least once more.

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