Monday, July 28, 2014


I needed to clean today because we are having a soccer parent meeting at our house tonight.  Yikes!  Nothing like having people over to light a fire under me to clean up the house!  Now if I would just. keep. up. with. it!

First, some before pics.
 Dirty kitchen table.

 Kitchen island.

 Kitchen counter otherwise known as "Place Where Homeless Items Go To Rest Part 1."

 Sink area.


 Formal dining room table otherwise known as "Place Where Homeless Items Go To Rest Part 2."

 Because one angle of that mess just wasn't enough.

 Piano.  The bench, apparently, is a storage shelf.  Sigh.

And now for some after shots.  I didn't replicate the photos exactly, but you get the idea that progress was made today!

 Family room vacuumed, table wiped down, laundry put away.

 Kitchen table cleared and wiped down.  I see crumbs.  I think Hudson needs to go back over that.

 Hey look!  There's a counter under there!

 And the table!  It's still there!

 One of my favorite decorative areas of our house.

 I need to wash my bedspread.  The soft blanket will do for now.

 The boys worked hard and did a great job cleaning their playroom.

Bathroom is clean.  People are allowed to pee.

I still need to mop, throw a bit of trash out, and clear off the island, but the house looks much nicer.  Amazing how peaceful it feels when it's clean.  I know, it's not rocket science!

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