Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sleepy Hudson and Ice Skating

 The other morning Hudson woke up early.  I had already finished my workout and was relaxing on the couch checking Facebook.

It was by no means cold, but Hudson burrowed under a blanket with Harry and went back to sleep.  So sweet sometimes.

 Our fourth summer school field trip was ice skating.  Oh my.  Trying to get ice skates on 41 kids was no easy task! Every able adult was lacing up skates!

 By the time I got my own skates on and laced up, Evan was twirling on the ice!

 This was our third time skating this year, so I was feeling pretty confident!

 Both kids did well.  The majority of the summer school kids were clinging to the wall moving around the perimeter like ants.  My two were in the middle strutting their stuff.

 I do enjoy activities with my kids.  And this place is perfect because it gets us out of 105 degree heat.

 Perfect temps for a sweatshirt.

Most of the group with Snow Ball, the ice center mascot.  We got to take a little tour behind the scenes, so that was fun and interesting.

Next week is a movie at the Hall.  No driving or transporting kids.  Thank goodness!  I need a break from the stress of that.  Call me crazy, but I tend to worry when I'm responsible for 40-60 kids and they are fanning out in cars that travel fast on a freeway.  Shudder.  Thank God all trips have been uneventful.

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