Monday, January 31, 2011

Fiber Anyone?

This is what I usually eat for breakfast every morning. A Fiber Plus bar and an apple. I like the fiber bars because they contain nine grams of fiber, and they taste good.

Hudson had an upset tummy yesterday. He was pooping left and right, and his poop was not exactly solid. He just wasn't feeling so hot yesterday.

I was worried that he was coming down with a bug or ate something bad.

Well, the mystery was solved this morning when I went to get my Fiber Plus bar out of the cupboard. The box was ripped open and mostly empty.

I asked Evan if he had eaten one, and he said, "Yes. I ate some, and I gave two of them to Hudson yesterday."


Little man had 18 grams of fiber running through his little system in a matter of 20 minutes. No wonder he literally couldn't hold his poop. That much fiber at once would knock anyone on their butt if they aren't used to it.

He's still feeling a bit uncomfortable today, but at least I know he's not sick. I think I need to buy the boys some kid friendly granola bars so they stay clear of mine!

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