Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to Life

We started back to school today. As Evan and I snuggled in bed early this morning, he said to me that he didn't want to go back to school.

I told him that I didn't either, but I would let him in on a little secret. It's always hard to get moving on the first day, but once we got to school, we'd both feel great!

By the way, I was right about my little secret. Once I was at school, I settled back in as if I hadn't been sleeping in until 9 a.m. everyday! And Evan? I didn't see him until lunch time, and he said he was having a great day.

I know he looks a little weird here, but Evan had a good day. He was also happy to be in free dress and wearing his new soccer ball shirt from Grandma.

Hudson also did not want to get out of bed. He is used to gradually waking up as well. At least he gets to go to Linda's in pj's, and she dresses him there.

I realized I needed to post a picture of Hudson's nebulizer treatment. This is his life for the next two and a half weeks. Every night he has to sit and breathe in the good medicine for about six minutes.

Most of the time he does okay, but tonight he was fidgeting all over the place. However, the medicine has really helped him with his asthma, so it is worth it.

I am so excited because tv is getting good again! Yay! Must go watch.

P.S. Just for fun, I checked out what I was doing a year ago today (blogwise), and I had to chuckle, because my post is pretty much identical right down to talking about heading back to school, free dress, and tv getting better! Am I that boring?

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