Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Bike Ride

Today we went on a family bike ride at Woodward Park. But before we did that, Eric and the boys took down Christmas lights outside while I cleaned out the van. Then we loaded up a picnic basket, four bikes, two helmets, two boys and lots of enthusiasm and headed to the park.

First order of business: eat lunch. We were hungry because it was noonish. We had sandwiches, watermelon, chips and juice. The boys played on the park in the background for a bit as well.

Then Hudson announced he had to poop. As any parent of a 3-year-old knows, when they have to poop, you drop what you are doing and find a bathroom. And that's what we did.

Had to feed the geese.

We headed out on the bikes and ended up riding 3 1/2 miles all over the park. It took us about 45 minutes. There were some pretty big hills that Hudson had to walk over. I love it that we are at a point in our family where we can all ride a bike as a family.

Sitting in the back of the van after riding.

Eric after the ride.

While Eric and I rested, the boys kept running up and down the big hill by the parking lot. Oh to have their energy.

The boys were really sweet to each other this afternoon, holding hands, playing together, and just being great brothers. I love it when they do that.

After the ride, we drove to another section of the park to play on yet another play structure and to throw the football around a bit.

It was colder out today than yesterday, but it was another great afternoon. I can't wait to bring the bikes back to the park another weekend.

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