Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Weekend

This was a great weekend. We spent lots of fun together as a family. I really don't want this weekend to end.

After yesterday's race, we came home, showered, and rested for a bit. Then it was out to watch the OLPH junior varsity boy's basketball game. Evan is only in first grade, but the coach said he could come out and practice with the boys everyday. He is an honorary member of the team.

Since Evan is a part of the team (but doesn't get to play in games), he still likes to go to the games and sit on the bench to support his teammates who are 4th and 5th graders. Yesterday's game almost got canceled because the other team only had two players show up. Instead of canceling, the coaches let the kids scrimmage...and Evan got to play!

I know the picture is awful, but he's the little guy with long gray pants and a long-sleeved gray shirt.

The entire crowd of parents watching him were cheering for him every time he got the ball. At one point, he shot for a basket that almost went in. The entire crowd yelled, "Ohhhhhhh!" It was really fun to watch him out there. He really knows what he is doing in terms of offense and defense. Let's just say he takes his sports very seriously.

After a great b-ball game, we headed home. We played a fun game of family Wii. Eric won.

Then Evan and I laid in my bed for a nap, and Eric and Hudson laid on the couch for a nap.

Soon enough we had to head out yet again for Evan's indoor soccer match.

Another junky picture, but Evan is standing right by the soccer ball.

This is the first time we have ever done indoor soccer. It felt like we were at a hockey game because there were glass partitions and huge nets stretching to the ceiling. The fields are tiny compared to outdoor soccer. And it was freezing in that warehouse! Oh so cold! I had on three layers plus a jacket, and I was still cold.

Indoor soccer is okay, but it was kind of hard for me to really get "involved" because there was a giant window in front of me. Oh well. Evan loves playing.

We had a great dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory which was right around the corner from indoor soccer. I didn't order Mizithra Cheese like I usually do, but I still enjoyed a huge plate of meat sauce spaghetti and stayed within my Weight Watcher points.

Today was another good day. The best part for me was when Eric and the boys rode their bikes with me while I ran through the neighborhood. It was really neat having them with me instead of running alone. The only bad part was Hudson cutting me off or veering into the middle of the road. Even with him doing that, I still maintained an 11:55 mph pace for 20 minutes. Go me!

It was just one of those great weekends that I wish could go on longer.

One last thing. Eric made a super delicious dinner of broccoli beef. So yummy!

Five points. Great value meal!

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  1. That looks fantastic! Sounds like a great weekend.