Monday, January 24, 2011

6-year-old reply

We had to make a quick trip to CVS at 7:15 tonight for Pull-ups for the 3-year-old. Totally forgot that we ran out last night.

Ugh. So not what I wanted to do at 7:15. In the winter. When it's cold.

Anyhow, we loaded up and headed out. The movie Despicable Me is playing in the car right now. It got to the part where one guy is trying to capture the moon. (I guess this is what is happening. I haven't actually seen the whole movie all the way through, although I have heard it 90 times.)

Hudson said, "He's gonna take the moon."

I said, "That's pretty silly! How could anyone take the moon?"

Without missing a beat Evan replied, "By using a shrink ray."

Oh. Of course.

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