Monday, November 8, 2010

Thankful - Part 2

Earlier I listed my Top Ten things to be thankful for. I'm going to make another list. This one might be a bit more superficial, but important none-the-less!

1. Pepsi - How I love thee. I don't drink coffee. Gotta get that caffeine from somewhere!

2. Wedding ring - Okay, so this one is still sentimental, but I sure love this ring. I usually stare at it when I'm at church.

3. Fake nails - I finally had my nails put back on two weeks ago. They make my hands look much prettier and more feminine.

4. Bubble Bath - I love nothing more than a HOT steamy bath filled with mounds of bubbles. Now if I could just keep the small people from joining me in the tub!

5. Bathrobe - I love wrapping up in my robe. I have it on over my flannels right now. I wear a robe in winter and summer. Along with my robe, I also love my slippers. Always have them on.

6. iPhone - Even though it is Eric's hand me down, I love it. I can call people, check Facebook, text, play games, listen to music and keep track of where I need to be. Amazing little gadget.

7. TV - I admit it. I love tv. I am old enough not to be embarrassed by my need to watch junk show after junk show! At least I know what the 7th and 8th graders are talking about, because we watch the same stuff on tv!

8. Whole house fan - What an amazing contraption that dramatically lowered our PG&E bills this summer.

9. Allergy shots - A weird one, I know, but I am grateful that my shot therapy keeps me from being miserable this time of year.

10. Candy - Another vice. I love sugar. My youngest loves it as much as I do. Candy shops are my idea of heaven on earth.

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