Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted

Today was Election Day. I did my duty and voted. And I was blessed with luck this evening as my particular check-in table had no one in line. The other hundred people in line weren't quite as lucky.

The picture is a little dark, but this is just a fraction of the people in line, and that was only one side!

I was stunned when I drove past my polling location at 6ish. Our old polling location shut down along with 300 others due to budget cuts. I figured I'd take Hudson and go eat, and we'd try again in 30 minutes. Evan and Eric were at soccer practice, and Hudson wanted a sandwich, so off to Quizno's we went.

We drove back to our polling location at 7ish, and the lines were just as crazy if not even longer than before. I've NEVER seen an election day where the lines were like this. Not even two years ago for the presidential election did I have to wait to vote.

I put myself in two different lines asking each time if I was in the right spot. I was in the second line for about two minutes when a polling place helper came by. I showed him my voter card, and he gave me the amazing news that there was NO line for polling place 906! Everyone around me started joking about how they could become #906 as well!

This guy wasn't kidding, either! I literally walked in front of a line of dozens of people, scooted in the door and walked right to my empty table. All the people in line were having to wait to sign in at their very busy table. I signed my name, got my ballot, and had to wait a bit for an empty booth.

The whole scene was nuts! I waited five minutes for Eric to get to the polling place so I could show him where to go.

Voting was such hard work that we decided to get ice cream at Foster's after waiting in line for such a long time! **snicker**

Hudson enjoyed the treat!

After ice cream, we drove back by the polling place so Eric could get his car. It was 8:10, and there was still a huge line snaking from the building out to the street.

What an experience!

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