Monday, November 29, 2010

Bah Humbug

We started decorating for Christmas on Saturday. And by we, I mean I started decorating. The boys made life irritating, and Eric watched football and did laundry. At least Eric's involvement in the process was a good trade.

It just wasn't the best of days because both boys were sick, fighting, squabbling, and being little rats. Christmas mess was everywhere along with regular mess.

I was jealous of all the happy and spirited posts on facebook proclaiming "the tree is up, decorations are done, and we are sitting by the fire sipping hot cocoa." Gag. I only say that because I was green with envy. Where was my tree? My cocoa? My cozy fire and happy kids? Oh yeah, sick with snot running down their faces and screaming at each other. Pleasant.

Some how, some way, I managed to get the decs up without any major mishaps. Note to self: if I throw something NECESSARY away such as oh say a tree stand, be sure to buy one right away rather until forgetting about it until a year later when we are trying to find the tree stand and can't figure out where in tarnation it went.

Messy table and two of the 14 or so boxes with Christmas stuff. Each year I say I need to cut back, and each year I can't bear to part with my pretty stuff.

Ugh. Where are the elves to help me put all this stuff out?

Pile of stuffed Christmas toys. These are the things Hudson is allowed to touch. He's got quite the talent for arranging them, don't you think?

The house is finally pulled together. I like my shelves o' Christmas.

I LOVE the little mini Santa and Elf clothes hanging on the line. I can look at these while I run on my treadmill. Or I can skip the treadmill, simply walk by this spot as I head to the kitchen, and enjoy them that way. Yeah, that sounds like the better plan.

My pretty nativity set that I got for Christmas two years ago.

If you are one of my four readers that has been reading this blog since last Christmas, the photos at this time of year look pretty much the same. I promise they are new ones from this year though!

In any case, I'm trying very hard to feel the Christmas joy. I'm trying. At least the house now looks pretty. The kids, however, are still snotty and screaming. So much for that cozy setting I was going for.

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  1. I wonder if it's in the air this year? I've only brought out about 1/2 of my stuff and have no motivation to bring out the rest. I know I should and that I'll be happy I did, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Ugh. Your pics look great though!