Thursday, November 11, 2010

Look who's ridin'!

Hudson decided to learn how to ride a two-wheeler with no training wheels today!

And he's off! Look at my 3-year-old go!

He was soooooo proud of himself! And we are very proud of him as well! I thought Evan was a little super star when he learned to ride at the age of 4. I guess having an older brother pushes Hudson to do certain things faster.

Yes, I am totally, unashamedly, completely 100% bragging right now!

The bike he is riding is Evan's old Diego Animal Rescuer bike. It is about three inches too big for Hudson, so he can't start and stop by himself. I was trying to show him how to use the curb for a little bit of height and to help him push off. That will come. Stopping is also a little rough. Mainly he stops and falls over!

Hudson did figure out how to successfully turn in circles so he can ride around the cul de sac without having to stop at the end and turn around. I know that Hudson's little Strider bike that Santa brought him for Christmas is the reason he has enough balance to be able to do this. That little bike was the best thing ever!

Besides learning this skill, both Evan and Hudson had good "well kid" checkups at the doctor. Hudson got a shot and didn't make a peep. As much as my kids make me crazy, they also impress and amaze me!

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