Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day Before

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. The kids went to Daycare on Monday and Tuesday. I sent them there purposely on Monday to take a day for myself. They went back on Tuesday because they wanted to play with their friends instead of hanging out with me.

Today they are home with me.

I must have gotten a wild and crazy hair, because I decided to make my "once a year" special bread. I used to make it at Christmas and Easter. Over the last few years it has whittled down to just making it at Christmas. So why on Earth am I making my bread for Thanksgiving? I don't know. I just felt like it. I had nothing better to do? Hmphh. Yeah, right.

In any case, the bread making began at approximately 8 a.m. this morning. I just pulled the last loaf out of the oven at 1:30. Not a quick baking project.

The boys helped me. Lord oh Lord did they help.

This is the middle stage of the bread making process that takes FOREVER. I have to roll all the dough into strips to be braided. I easily spent over an hour on this step. The kids were still in pj's playing with a small piece of dough that I gave them and lots of flour (or powder as Hudson calls it).

This is going to taste so good tomorrow morning while we watch the parade! The best part about making this bread is getting to "punch" it after it rises in the oven. The boys had fun beating the heck out of it!

Hudson had a grand old time making an enormous mess. I am torn between cleaning it up or just letting him continue to play and get flour and sugar all over the kitchen floor. On one hand, I need to clean it up. On the other hand, he's been occupied and quiet for over an hour!!! He's very serious about his measuring cup and spoon play!

I can't say that I look much better with flour all over me. I really need to start wearing an apron.

We made seven loaves of bread. Now I just hope that I won't lose my desire to make it at Christmas time. Even if I won't want to, I'll still make it. It's a tradition. And I love traditions.

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