Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

My mom, sister and nephews joined us for Thanksgiving at our house. Eric made prime rib and garlic mashed potatoes. No turkey for us! Man, was dinner good!

The four cousins played hard all day long. I love it when they play play play! They played inside. They played outside. They put train tracks together. They played baseball. They played on the swings. It's great having cousins close enough in age to be able to play and enjoy each other.

Mom, Tiff and I played a game called Sequence. Mom won two rounds. I won one. Ha ha, Tiffany! You lost!

We celebrated Eric's birthday with a Bulldog cake from Julie's shop. So adorable!

Eric also got a Bulldog lunch box/cooler from Tiff and a giftcard to Olive Garden from my mom. Yay! Dinner out. That is...unless he takes his girlfriend!

We are all pretty tired. Especially Hudson.

He is one worn out little boy. He's also fighting a cold, so that isn't helping his disposition. As much as this little yahoo makes me want to hide in my closet for hours, I am so thankful for him, his brother, and his daddy. I'm also thankful for my mom, my sister, and my nephews. It was a good holiday. I wasn't sad today without my dad, but I do miss him a lot. I can be thankful that he is looking down from Heaven and watching us grow and be happy.

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