Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March Goals

Before I get into my March goals, let's recap February.

1. Read at least five books. Done and accomplished!  I actually smashed this goal and read SEVEN books!  Go me!  I don't think I'll be able to accomplish that many books this March with all that is going on in life, but we'll see.  Check HERE for my February book review.

2. Write in my new journal.  I did this several times.  I am happy to report that I not only wrote when I was stressed out or upset (which is usually when I journal), but also when I was happy.  I fear someday when I'm gone that some random relative will come upon my journals and think I was this morbidly depressed and perpetually sad person!  I'm not!  It's just that journaling helps me sort through the darker emotions.  I don't really need to process happy!

3. Decide on a Bible study.  Done!  Bought! Studying!  I bought the Book of Daniel by Beth Moore and LOVE it!  I finished Week 3 today.  (I took a bit of a break while on vacation but am back at it.)  I am so excited to be delving into a Bible study and have loved every minute of my learning.  I'm also trying not to do too much at once.  I don't want to turn a good intention into something I am reluctant to do.  So far so good.

4. Get to the next milestone in weight loss.  Fail.  I went overboard with eating on vacation and even the miles of walking we did each day did not stop me from gaining seven pounds while we were gone. To make things worse, I got sick when we got back from the trip and have been using food as comfort and to alleviate anxiety. This is something I have to work through on my own.  It is never fun to be brutally honest with myself about my habits, but it's necessary.

5. Task a day. Fail.  I don't really feel bad about this one.  I just didn't do it.  No harm no foul.

6. Start the Yearbook.  I did this.  Started.  Nowhere near finished, but definitely started.

I have one massive, major, overriding goal for the Month of March: FINISH THE YEARBOOK!

The book is due to the publisher on April 6, but I'd like to be done in March for breathing space and to be able to enjoy a few days of Easter vacation.

Of course there are the smaller daily things I'd like to continue: read ten pages of a self improvement book, read daily Bible passages, do Daniel study, track food to lose weight, blog, keep up with minor housework so we don't lose control of the house, and exercise.

Along with my goal, I also want to keep sight of the fact that this time each year I start to freak out and ignore every other area of my life.  I alienate my family, I refuse to cook, I don't attend events, I cry, and it's just a very unpleasant experience right to the bitter end.  I end up with a beautiful yearbook, but I don't want the negative stuff to happen.  I'd like for the process to just come together without the rest of my life falling apart.  Hopefully, with God's help, I can make that happen.

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