Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Disneyland Day 1

We really and truly had the best trip at Disneyland, and I am so appreciative of my husband working so hard to put money away to pay for this trip.  Blessed.

Getting through a full day at school while waiting to leave at 3 was ROUGH!  I was like a kid at Christmas and could hardly wait to leave!  A mere five hours later we rolled into the hotel room at 9:30ish.  It's hard packing for four people for four days!  But we managed to roll it all into the room in one trip!

Are we the only family that takes our own blankets and pillows to hotels?  I feel better when I've got my own things with me.

We love staying at Hyatt Place.  Hudson was pretty excited to see bunk beds.  I was pretty excited to see a door separating us from the kids!

Such a comfy bed.  Pillow top mattress pad and super soft sheets.  I slept well all four nights.

After a good night's sleep, we got an early start.  This is a goofy picture of Evan, but it's all I have!  He and I were noticing the cute babies in the hotel restaurant and wanting to take them home!  I love Hyatt Place breakfasts!  Each day was a full assortment of eggs, sausage, cereal, toasts, and more.  Such a good start to the day.

My morning look at breakfast.

And a few hours and a bit of makeup later, I was ready to go!  The boys left to play at Disneyland and I got ready for my workshop classes.

Disneyland shirt...check. Comfy shoes...check.  Backpack...check.  Sweater for chilly rooms...check.  Ready to head out.

I enjoyed my classes that I signed up for and also did a bit of shopping.  If I really like a speaker, I am anxious to get their book, so I bought two.

After my last class, I jumped on the shuttle bus and met the boys at California Adventure.  We wandered around there for a little bit and decided to head to Disneyland.  On the way, we ran right into the Newsboys show.  We stopped to watch the singing and dancing.

The boys had been moving and grooving for hours, so they were pretty wiped out by the time I joined the party.  I was a little disappointed, but they were really tired.  We adjusted the strategy for the rest of the trip!

I swear he was happy.  This was after being on his feet all day, while I was just getting started!  Poor kid!  He was exhausted and his mom just wanted to Go, Go, Go!

At least the biggest boy humored me!

We were supposed to meet my school group for dinner, but the wait to be seated was just too long, so we made our own plans and headed back to the hotel.  

We realized that it would be better to get to the parks early, play for the morning, and then rest for the afternoon.  Then we would go back to the parks in the evening until they closed.  This worked out so much better for the rest of the trip and we avoided the first day meltdowns!  This also taught Hudson a good lesson about eating and staying hydrated.  He became a Vitamin Water fiend on this trip and he would keep reminding us that he needed to drink!  Good boy!

The first day was a little rocky, a lot of fun, and exhausting!

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