Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Love My Teaching Partner

This girl gets me through the days!

Our principal is out of town on an accreditation visit for another school.  Nothing major is going on, but it's always crazy when the boss is away.  I sent him this picture of us to show him we are chugging along and still smiling.

He said we are awesome (well, duh!) and that he wanted to see how we were at 3:30!

So I sent him this picture!  We made it through another day.

Amanda is truly one of the most organized, enthusiastic, and sweetest people around.  She loves to plan things weeks, months, and years in advance.  She loves bright happy spaces.  That is her classroom in the background.  She loves to color and decorate.  She loves to take pictures!  I can always count on her for a selfie!

In any case, she makes the days so much more fun!

Thank goodness for great coworkers who keep each other going!

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