Thursday, August 6, 2015

Walk with my Boy

i began this post several weeks ago and then forgot about it.  Here is the completed post!  (I honestly can't remember when this took place, but I think it was before school was out for the year.)

Hudson was itching to go for a bike ride.  I didn't really feel like riding, but I told him we could take a walk after dinner.  While I was putting on my shoes, he was outside riding, and basically didn't get off his bike.  I went with it.  He rode.  I walked.  He'd zip ahead and then turn and come back for me.

I told him not to cross streets and to stay within seeing distance from me.  He didn't always follow these rules.  We are working on this.

The weekend has turned nasty hot, but the weather that night was gorgeous.  Breezy, cool, and perfect.

The kid loves his new bike.  I was trying to hit my 10,000 steps.  This walk did the trick.

I love this photo!

He's wearing his brother's old Argentina player jersey.  So crazy to me that we have been with travel soccer long enough for Evan to outgrow uniforms, watch the club join onto a new academy (we are now Pumas), and see Hudson join and play for several years. Sometimes I worry about what I'll do when the boys are grown and gone.  I need a hobby!  Quick, somebody get me a grown up coloring book!

Gorgeous night.  I was a few hundred steps short of my 10,000 when we got back home, so I walked circles around the cul de sac to hit the goal.  Hudson jogged around me and played soccer.

After I was done walking, Hudson and I ended up playing outside.  We tossed a tennis ball around.  We laughed at each other.  He tried to teach me soccer skills.  He got so frustrated with me because I didn't pick up the soccer moves immediately!  He even said, "But I just showed you how to do it, Mom!"  Ha!

He's special!

It was just one of those nights that I wanted to remember, ya know?  Me and my little guy enjoying an evening playing.

Water.  Give me water!

I ended the night with this one on top of me.  Sweet Harry.

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