Monday, August 10, 2015

The Weekend Where We Had No Air Conditioning

It has been an interesting weekend.  It was one without air conditioning, but it was also one in which we accomplished quite a bit of things around the house...mostly the massive sorting and storing of clothes.

 Since Eric cannot have pizza for a few more months, I took the boys to Me N Ed's for lunch one day last week.

 Our hygiene standards have plummeted this summer.  Bathing seems to be an optional activity for these two.  Sigh.

 Evan in his cool new Nike hat.  I keep asking him if he wants to fold the bill into a curve.  However, that is so not the style these days among the 11-year-old set!  #momhasnoclue   Evan has never been a hat wearing kind of kid, but he's had this hat on every time we leave the house.

 Oh delicious pizza.  Me N Ed's is still one of my favorite pizzas.  I think it's because it's the first real pizza parlor that came to Chowchilla.  The smell, taste, and texture all remind me of childhood!

We freaked out a little late Friday afternoon when we realized that the AC unit was not blowing cold air.  Eric called a place.  A potentially nasty situation actually turned into an impromptu date night.

The boys both had a soccer clinic to attend, but Eric couldn't take them out to the fields because we were waiting on the air conditioner guy to arrive.  I had zero desire to go to soccer.  We got the coach to come pick up the kids, the AC guy got there fast, fixed the problem for $59, and we were left to enjoy the evening!  I enjoyed some wine coolers, we got some BBQ, and we lounged in our retreat room with working air.  I love time alone with Eric!

 This thing needs to keep working for two more months!

 A random picture of Harry slinking under our bed.  He's been very naughty the past few days.  I took the three dogs to the groomer's on Thursday, and ever since then, Harry has been very "loving" towards Bandit.  He pretty much assaults him every chance he gets.  I guess Bandit smells really good after a bath and a haircut!

The problem is that Harry's advances are very much unwanted by Bandit.  The poor senior citizen dog has to run away from Harry constantly in order to avoid having his "parts" sniffed.  We were all screaming at Harry for the past few days to leave Bandit alone.  It doesn't even deter him.  Luckily, Harry has calmed down now that it's been four days past the groomer's visit.  Sheesh!

 I made myself a cup of coffee to go so I could drink it after weighing in at Weight Watchers.  Weight is up, but I expected that after ignoring my tracker for the past three weeks: soccer tournament, wedding, girl's weekend, summer in general.  I've been decent with my exercise, but horrible with my eating.  Really need to work on that.

 I love these Kind bars in the morning.

And then we realized on Saturday morning that the air conditioning was not working again!  Ugh!  What we thought was an easy and inexpensive fix turned into a large $800 fix that won't actually be fixed until Tuesday!  Yuck!

 Luckily, we have a whole house fan, so we can pull cool air into the house at night, but it still gets pretty warm during the day.  The boys have been camping in our room for two nights because it is the coolest place in the house with a small window cooler.  This all sucks, but I feel very blessed to know that through our hard work with following Dave Ramsey, we have the money to pay for a large bill such as this.

 Eric and I went shopping for some back to school clothes for me, and our last stop was to Michael's for a grown up coloring book.  However, once I walked in the store, I was giddy with excitement at seeing all the Fall decorations!  I squealed and ran around like a loon taking pictures of the orange!

Eric got just as excited as me!  #hecouldbarelycontainhisexcitment

 At first I grabbed that pumpkin, but swapped it out for a wire pumpkin.  I also bought glittery orange balls and glittery gold acorns.  I put them in a little cupcake display jar that I have on the tv.  I don't care that they are surrounded by red, white, and blue.  I want to start decorating for Fall right now!  But I'm going to hold off a few more weeks!

 Great look for him!

 I want it all!  Fall decorations make me so happy!  As much as I love Christmas, I think Fall decorations make me even happier.  It's the promise of cooler weather, pretty colors, and football.  Yes, I am romanticizing the season, because in reality, we are looking at short sleeves for the next two and a half months.  I need to live in a place with seasons!

 Want.  Neeeeeeed!

 This wire pumpkin is the one I bought instead of the oddly shaped one above.

Oh, and I did buy the coloring book!  Along with a few Fall delights!

Hopefully the AC will be fixed today or tomorrow.  Hopefully I won't die from heat.

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  1. We had the same happen when the temperatures were 104 in Georgia. We found a ton of fun things to do in air conditioning. We went to a museum, the library, had pizza for dinner at a restaurant, went bowling, and hit the local arcade. We had a great deal of fun and didn't spend over $100 for the entire family to stay cool.

    Randall Rogers @ R J Heating and Cooling