Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aniesha Turns 40!

My friend Aniesha turned 40 last week, and eight of her friends celebrated with her at a house in Paso Robles for the weekend.  I've never been on a girls' weekend, and it was a lot of fun!

Aniesha and I met when we were brand new 911 dispatchers at the Madera Police Department back in 1998.  So, basically a lifetime ago!  I was one of her bridesmaids at her wedding.  We have been able to keep our friendship strong throughout the years, and for that I am blessed!  She is the best kind of friend.

I picked Aniesha up at her house in Hanford along with her friend Meghan.  We took our time getting over to Paso Robles by stopping for lunch at Panera before heading out.  We also stopped at Pear Valley Winery to enjoy a bit of wine tasting.  I ended up buying a bottle of Frizzante Muscat.  Yum!

 After leaving the winery, we stopped at Trader Joe's to get appetizers for the evening's event.  Our hostess arranged for us to do a wine tasting at the house.  We each brought wine and food.  The olive spread was delicious!  I want to get more for home.

 Aniesha is half Indian, so the party had an Indian theme with head pieces, a bindi sticker for our forehead, and henna tattoos.

 We each got our own wine glass.

 We were all wondering if the "entertainment" was a stripper, but then the henna artist walked in!  We each got to pick a design.

 Not sure how long the ink would last, I didn't want to get it on my hand or arm because I have some school things to do this week.  I opted for my ankle.  The artist did this free hand.  So pretty!

The first night at the house, we all drank too much wine, played Cards Against Humanity, and sat in the hot tub.  I was up until 1 a.m.  I couldn't tell you the last time I saw those numbers on the clock!

The next morning we all slowly woke up, got ready, and six of us headed to the coast.  The house where we were staying was located in the wine valley country.  We were surrounded by vineyards.  It took about 40 minutes to get to the beach.  Three girls stayed behind to sunbathe by the pool.  But when you are from the Central Valley, if you are within 40 minutes of the ocean, you GO to the ocean!

 It was an absolutely gorgeous day in Cayucos.  It was perfect to smell the fresh air, watch the waves, and enjoy lunch.

 Warm sun, cool breeze, and ocean?  Yes, please!

 Birthday girl!

 We ate at a place called Duckies.  I ordered a bowl of clam chowder, a side of garlic bread, and a soda.  Perfect lunch.  I think I like Slash Cafe chowder a bit more, but this soup was really good!

While we were waiting for one of the girls to get a coffee, Kayla painted Aniesha's toes!  Talk about service for your birthday!

On Saturday night we headed to a winery tasting room in downtown Paso to listen to a live singer that Aniesha knew from junior high!  It was a relaxing night.  We ended up back at the house pretty early.  We were all tired!

Sunday morning was cleanup, and I drove us home.  It was a great weekend with a special friend.

 As much fun as it was to be away, I was happy to be home with this little chicken.

And this big monkey.  They enjoyed boys' weekend with a movie, a trip to see Mama and Papa, and a birthday party.  And Evan got a new hat and looks very hip.  Or cool.  Or whatever word the kids are using these days!

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