Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Just a Monday Recap

I am sort of in that fuzzy in between time of summer and work.  I'm not officially back to work, but I'm there getting my classroom set up and planning with my team.  I go in late and can leave early if I want to.

Although part of that sentence was a lie!  I have absolutely ZERO desire to decorate my classroom right now!  Yesterday, I camped out in my partner's room and didn't even open my classroom door!  I spent the day planning with her.  We made progress, but there is a lot more to do.

Where Amanda derives joy from hanging paper on the wall with decorations, I find it stressful and annoying.  I have, however, narrowed down my "theme" to purple.  I'm going to head to GW at some point to find any and all purple stuff.  Purple makes me happy.  I'm sure in a few days I'll be eager to make my room look pretty.  It's just at this very moment, I'm content to lesson plan and focus on the iPad program.

 We are still without air conditioning.  It should be fixed today.  After dinner, Eric took Evan to soccer practice, and Hudson and I hung out in the Retreat Room.  I surfed Pinterest for dinner ideas.  He did this.

He's looking a bit too comfortable for my liking on our new couch.  #wewearshortshorts

After I figured out dinners for the week, I shooed him out the door and we went grocery shopping.  He had to push the cart.  Luckily for me, all the people in my life prefer pushing the cart.  I hate pushing the cart.  I prefer to meander and have my hands free to touch all the things!  Plus, if I push the cart, my fitbit doesn't register my steps because my arm isn't swinging!

Grocery shopping done, a swing through McDonald's drive thru for a cone, put the groceries away and head to bed.  Glamorous stuff going on over in these parts!

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