Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Week Off

After we came home from a wedding trip to Mammoth, I knew I'd be taking the week off from work.  What I didn't expect was to catch a cold on Sunday driving home.  Major bummer.

 We moved our bed, night stands and dressers back into our bedroom on Monday.  Oh the joy of being back in our room with the new floors!  Such peace!

I made a doctor appointment for myself on Tuesday.  I ended up with antibiotics, two inhalers, and my usual nose sprays and allergy meds.

 Somehow on Tuesday I had enough energy to clean out the linen closet.  I really like having empty shelves.  I don't want to fill them!  Purge, purge!

 And no, I didn't take a before shot.  Imagine every shelf filled to overflowing.  Plus, all sorts of games, candles, towels, picture frames, and stuff shoved and falling everywhere.  That's what this closet looked like when I started.

On Wednesday, I slept in until 9, got up for an hour, and then spent the rest of the day in bed.  I didn't plan on that, but it did me a world of good to get much needed rest while fighting a cold.

 We went bowling on Thursday.  The adorable little girl in the picture is Chloe, and she is the niece of my coworker.  I love this kid!  She missed the bowling field trip during summer school, so I promised her we'd get together before school started to bowl.

 Evan won the first game and Hudson won the second.  Kaitlinn and I played without bumpers in the lane next to the kids.  She won the first game and I won the second.

 Even though he is getting to be quite the "teenage-like" kid, he still wants me to notice when he does something like get a strike or spare!  It was cute when he'd get my attention to show me his score!

 My babies.

 So stinking cute!  I keep telling her that I'm taking her home to live with me!  She's just the spunkiest and funniest little thing.  She also likes me and gives me big hugs whenever I see her!  Love it.

After bowling, the boys and I went to Target to buy a birthday gift.  I spotted this in the kid section.  Oh my gosh!  If it had been in my size, it would have been mine!  I LOVE everything about this shirt.  The stripes, the weenie dog, the gold, the glitter!  It's perfect!  Except for being eight sizes too small!

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