Tuesday, August 25, 2015

First Day of School

New school year.  New teachers.  New routines.

Does anyone else feel like the calendar really begins on the first day of school?

Hudson is in third grade and Evan is in 6th grade this year.

 My teacher week was insane.  It's too hard to even try to explain why.  I decorated my room at the very last minute.

 Some decorations are new.  Some are from last year.  No need to reinvent the wheel.

 I got my nails put back on.  I feel more put together when my nails are pretty.  I'm working hard this year to attain a "complete" professional appearance.  That includes nails!

 Nice and short.  Just the way I like them.  The nail technician seemed a little peeved that I had long claws glued on only to have her cut them super short.  She said, "Cutting them this short is a waste of my tips."  Um, no.  I am paying for those tips either way...and I like them SHORT!

Evan's supplies ready to go for Monday morning.

 Hudson's mountain of supplies.

 I spent time bagging up crackers, lunch meats, and fruit so we can grab and go in the morning.  #majortimesaver

 I'm such a good mom that I ply my kids with sugary donuts on the first day of school!

 I'm having to do double takes at how grown up they both look!

 Evan is in 6th grade, so he gets a choice in uniform.  He went with the white and khaki option for day one.

 They like each other.

 I have to get in on the first day photos also!

 I love my people.

 No one joined me in making a duck face.  #spoilsports

 Handsome man.

 Evan is almost as tall as me.  He is really excited about that, too!

We all had a great day.  I was running from beginning to end.  I planned to leave school at 4.  Yeah, that actually turned into leaving at 5.  Hudson, apparently, had a very busy day!  He fell asleep on the 12 minute ride home!

 It was so cute that I kept turning around to look at him.  #watchtheroad

Once I synced my Fitbit app, I saw that I walked over 13,000 steps and traveled over 6 miles today!  Granted, part of that was the 2 1/2 mile run that I started my day with, but still!

And because of those six miles, and a crazy busy first day, and answering emails, and getting ready for Back to School night tomorrow, and submitting payroll, and finding lost ordered items, and making dinner...I am about three minutes away from bed!

It was a good day!

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