Saturday, December 18, 2010

Great Day

My mom treated me, my sister, and the four grandsons to a movie this afternoon. We saw Yogi Bear. Yogi turned out to be a pretty cute movie. Much better than "How Do You Know?" that I saw yesterday. That movie was BORING.

The boys settling in before the movie started.

Hudson did alright for it being his second time at the movie theater. He stayed quiet until he ran out of candy. Then he was thirsty. Then he was restless. However, I didn't have to leave the theater with him, so we'll call it a successful day.

Then my mom and sister took the boys home for a slumber party! Yay! That gave Eric and me a chance to go out to dinner and do our Christmas shopping. We had bought a grand total of two things before tonight. And now we are done except for stocking stuffers. It was really weird purchasing so much at one time.

I stole all of the photos of the kids off of my sister's facebook page. Looks like they are having a good time at Grandma's house.

They made a giant snowman cookie.

They did a little hard labor. (Grandma made them clear the sidewalk of leaves so Santa could come visit!)

They played.

Grandma gave them an early Christmas present.

A night without children can sometimes be the best gift of all! So nice to just be a couple every now and then.

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