Monday, July 5, 2010

No Photo Fourth

I didn't take a single picture yesterday for the Fourth of July. That either makes me a bad mommy, a bad host, or a bad scrapbooker.

We started the day off with donuts. Later we had Chinese food for lunch. My mom and sister came over, and we ate, played Uno Attack, watched tv, and ate some more. My mom and sister took the kids and went to K Mart. They get excited when they come to the big city!

Eric BBQ'ed hamburgers and hotdogs. We ate. We played more Uno Attack. We did fireworks. Hudson scared me to pieces waving his sparklers around.

Mom and Tiff left. We watched the Boston Pops on tv. We went to bed.

It was a fun day.

And now I'm up before 7 because my body is trained to be up early, even when I go to bed late. If I somehow manage to sleep past 7, my bladder is screaming at me, and my lower back is aching. I feel so old having to put Icy Hot on my back every other morning. I smell sooooo good, too.

I'll leave you with a random, non-Fourth of July photo of the children. Hey, at least Hudson's blanket is red, white, and blue!

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