Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baby Cakes

Mom, Joanne, Kay and Joyce. The best of friends.

Today Evan and I made an impromptu trip to Kingsburg to crash my mom's lunch with her friends and eat ice cream at Julie's shop called Baby Cakes.

Julie and I have known each other since we were itty bitty. We probably met in kindergarten, but it may have been before that. She now owns a little ice cream shop/bakery in a small town about 25 minutes south of me. I love going there to visit. It is a happy little shop with the best ice cream!

My mom mentioned this morning that she and her friends were heading to Kingsburg to have lunch and see Julie. I invited myself along. Luckily my mom has the best of friends, and they didn't seem to mind two tag-a-longs.

Julie. She's the best! She played the part of Tinkerbell (and I was Wendy Darling) in our production of Peter Pan back in first grade!

Evan and Grandma enjoy some ice cream. This photo doesn't do justice to how extremely dirty Evan is from playing flag football at school.

Julie sells all sorts of cute things in her shop. I bought this bobble ring on a whim. I love it! I can't wait to wear purple. Probably will be sporting it tomorrow!

It was a fun afternoon!

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