Friday, July 2, 2010


I forgot to share a bunch of photos that I took after Evan's kindergarten graduation. I'll share them now.

Mama and Papa got Evan this completely cool, giant, fun blow up ball that he can ride in! But first it had to get pumped full of air.

Evan climbed in the middle of the giant ball before I started rolling him around the yard! Too fun!

After rolling around the yard, we headed to Sweet River for lunch. Eric enjoys a yummy hamburger.

I think Evan chose not to eat lunch. He's weird like that. He was happy with a balloon and a coloring page. I remember back when he wasn't such an easy restaurant companion!

A weird photo of me. But look at the beer lights over my head. It looks like I am wearing a princess crown!

After lunch, we went to the theater to see Shrek.

If we buy snacks, we always get the kid pack. It's plenty of popcorn even for an adult. The drink is a little small, but who wants to have to pee in the middle of a movie?

As if a graduation, play time, lunch and a movie weren't enough, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner later that evening. That's when Hudson got to join the party. Let's just say he quickly learned how to work those tokens!

He loved this horse.

We had to send Evan up to get his brother out of the mouse maze.

It was a fantastic day celebrating Evan. I think by the time we hit Chuck E. Cheese, Eric and I were done with the celebrating, but it was a great day regardless.

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