Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FFA Flashback

A friend posted this old photo on Facebook yesterday. I think this was our freshman year of that would be late 1989 or early 1990 and we would have been around 14 years old. Those were some good times. I am sitting second from the left.

I don't even remember what contest or school we were at. It doesn't look familiar. What is familiar is that we were all friends, and going on FFA trips were some of the best times of high school. Not that I want to do high school over again, but sometimes I really miss those FFA days.

The girl on the left of me, Crina, is now a mom and just had her 6th baby (born on my birthday a few weeks ago!). She still lives in our hometown.

The girl on the right of me, Ann, has a baby girl and is an ag. professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She is simply amazing.

The boy, Brandon, left our school after our freshman year. We always called him "Nacho" because that is the name he picked for himself in Spanish class. I just "friended" him on FB, so hopefully I'll see what he's up to later.

And that girl in the middle with dark brown hair? Well, she's a redhead now! She has a wonderful husband, two spunky boys, and works as a Catholic school teacher in Clovis. Oh, and she's really happy with her life!


  1. So what did you do in FFA? Cute pic!

  2. Did Brandon go to Alview? I think he was in some of my grade school classes.