Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I know it's been over a week

I figured I'd beat my mom to the punch of admitting it's been over a week since I last posted! Now she can't say anything.

Some weeks it's all I can do to remember to brush my teeth and put on my pants. Hopefully, if I ever forget my pants, Evan will notice and say something before we get to school!

It's the end of the second trimester, so I have been busy grading all the last minute papers, administering finals, grading finals, and keeping up with all the other random stuff that comes our way.

Evan had his first T-ball practice this past Monday. It's fun to watch him play. He made an awesome hit out to center field. He's on the same team as last year with several of the same boys, but there are some new kids there as well. We've been talking to him about setting a good example for smaller kids who have never played before. He takes this job of being a good example very seriously. Now if we could just get him to do this with his brother!

Hudson is Hudson! That kid cracks me up and makes me want to tear my hair out at the same time. His newest word is, "Yep." I love listening to him talk in sentences. He is still adjusting to staying in his own bed. Tonight was a pretty easy night getting him to sleep. Not all nights are easy.

I like the rain, but I hate it for one huge reason. We have a stupid dog who thinks it is his duty to be IN it. Every day that it rains, we come home to one dry dog and one sopping wet muddy nasty smelling dog. It's gross. He desperately needs a bath. Not going to happen tonight, though.

March is already shaping up to be really busy. Lots of weekend events planned, several field trips at school, getting ready for Easter, and trying to get some semblance of control over my crazy and cluttered house.

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