Friday, April 9, 2010

One of those days

I was really looking forward to today. The plans were to get up, get moving, visit Hudson's Godmother for a bit, and then head off to Hanford to have lunch with Eric. So much for plans.

Everything started out well. I got up at 8ish, put a load of laundry in the washer, took a shower, swiped the bathrooms, cleaned a little more of my desk, and got the kids breakfast. I took the time to do my hair and makeup, and I even put on jewelry! Kids had their teeth brushed, hair combed, and shoes on by 10.

At 10:15 we headed to the garage. I kept trying to open the car doors with my keyless entry, but it wasn't working. I figured it was the battery in the clicker. I then tried to open the doors by hand, and that didn't work! I started getting nervous so I tried the ignition...and nothing. Not even a click.

Made a call to Eric. Had to get AAA worked out because I couldn't find my card anywhere. Eric handled that on his end. I sat in a chair in the garage and watched the kids ride their bikes until the Man got to the house to jump the car.

The car started fine, but a few second later, a big "pop" sound happened and black smoke poured out from under the car. Yikes!

To make a long story short, my trip to Hanford was canceled, I had to wait for another guy with a tow truck to come and get the car, I had to search for the warranty information for the car, and to top it off, Hudson set off the panic alarm for the house.

The noise scared the pants off Evan who was pretty upset. I managed to get it shut off and scrambled to find the number to the alarm company to tell them it was a false alarm. I really didn't need a visit from the police department today.

Then we waited and waited to see what was going on with the car. Eric came home in time to get us to the car rental place. I can't be without a car on Monday. Eric's schedule is not as flexible as it used to be. I'm driving a Buick. It's nice, but it's not my van. (I never thought I'd say that!)

I hate these types of days. The bummer is that I was really looking forward to having lunch with Eric. We had dinner at Japanese Kitchen, so that helped. And the boys both fell asleep very easily tonight. That helped as well.

Last day of vacation kinda sucked.

I did, however, get some more cleaning accomplished. I washed both shower curtains and organized the kids' closet. I'm stacking up a nice pile for donations. How is it that I always have stuff to donate when they call? You would think I would have gotten rid of all that needs to be purged from my house.

Despite the weird day, I have had a very nice vacation that was fun and productive. Got a lot organized and cleaned. That feels good.

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