Sunday, April 11, 2010


I thoroughly enjoyed my week of vacation. We did several fun things like visiting Grandma, seeing the stampede, having a picnic, playing in the park, going to the zoo, going to the movies, and spending family time together.

I am also pleased that I managed to get many things done around the house. I always have ambitions to keep a neater and cleaner house. We all seem to be more at peace when the house is kept up. A messy house makes me feel like a failure as a wife and mom. A messy house is not something you can just hide behind a door. It's there looking at you every day reminding you that you aren't keeping up. It's hard to ignore when the dishes are piled in the sink and the laundry is overflowing the hampers.

Rather than dwell on my shortcomings of the months past where my house is concerned, I am going to list all the things I managed to do this week, because I am truly proud.

Kitchen: Organized and cleaned out the glasses cupboard. Organized the medicine cupboard. Organized two utensil drawers. Swept and mopped the floor. Kept the sinks free of dishes each night. Emptied the dishwasher promptly. Cleaned off the top of the stove (this one was major!). Kept island free of clutter. Kept computer counter free of clutter. Put all Easter stuff away. Planned and cooked meals each night. Clipped and organized my coupons.

Boys rooms: Cleaned and organized playroom. This didn't take more than an hour because I just did it a few months ago. It just needed updating. Cleaned and organized boys' closet. Washed bedding. Made beds everyday.

Our room: Spent 15 minutes clearing off my desk each day. Made a memory box for each of us for things that need to be saved and cherished. cleaned out three dresser drawers of mine. Washed bedding. Made bed every day.

Bathrooms: Did a deep clean on both bathrooms. Swished and swiped each day. Organized cupboards and drawers in master bath.

Other: Did at least one load of laundry each day. I even washed the shower curtains! Made a large pile for donation that is growing by the day as I find more stuff to give away. How is that possible?

I managed to read a book this week. I played with the boys. I spent time with my husband. I did a lot of housework, but I wasn't a slave to it.

When I am feeling down about the state of my house (which I know will happen), I need to look back at this post to see just how much I managed to accomplish in one short week.

Things that make me happy: Empty hampers, empty dishwasher, empty sinks, empty island, empty dining table, empty desk and made beds!

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