Thursday, April 15, 2010


We had a man come out today to do an energy analysis on our house to see where we might be able to save money. Let's just say that our PG&E bills are outrageous.

He walked around the house with this little sensor thing that showed where there were hot spots in our ceiling and walls. Then he talked to us about some practical things we can do to lower our bills such as switching to a gas dryer, getting rid of the refrigerator in the garage, and turning off fans when we aren't in the room.

The big thing we'll need to do is get a whole house fan installed. We've talked about it before, but we've never taken that step to see if it would be feasible for our house with all the vaulted ceilings. Apparently it would be a great help.

It was also good to hear that while we need our attic insulation to be "fluffed," we have plenty of it. The hot spots are pretty easily fixed by having someone spread out the existing insulation to cover the bare areas.

Eric and I are working on some things to save money. If we do all these suggestions, we will be on the right track. It makes me excited!

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  1. Hope that you can get those things taken care of and it makes a big difference. Yay for saving money!