Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busy Day

I don't like writing posts without having pictures to go along with it, but I haven't taken many pictures lately. I guess I'll just write tonight. Normally I use this as an excuse not to post anything, but then my mom complains that I haven't updated the blog!

We were up and out of the house by 9:15. Off to get allergy shots and then to Evan's T-ball game. He did a great job with several hard hits and some great catches playing first base.

Before having lunch we had to run to a grocery store to buy wipes because Hudson pooped. I had one diaper in my purse, but no wipes. Yeah, I know. Classic me. The diaper bag is in the back of the van which is in the shop. We are in the rental. But even if the diaper bag was with us, there would have been no guarantee that it would have contained either diapers or wipes. I am super organized like that!

I put Hudson in the trunk to change his diaper, and then we ate at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. I could drink their ranch dressing. I love that stuff!

We did a little shopping to buy Eric some new shirts. Then we stopped by the Honda dealership to get a few things out of the car that we forgot (school keys...gonna need those on Monday). Then we dashed home to get the stroller before heading to Big Hat Days. I love BHD's because Eric and I went there for one of our first dates eight years ago.

We walked around for two hours and signed up to get an efficiency evaluation of our house. Our PG&E bills are outrageous. I am always excited about something that could potentially save us money. The two gentlemen we talked to were really nice and passionate about energy efficiency. Plus they were nice to the kids...and not in a fake way.

Back home, quick trip to the grocery store, spaghetti for dinner, load of laundry, and run the dishwasher. Now I am just about ready for bed.

We were busy today, but it was a good day.

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