Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer (But Let's Recap the Last Few Weeks)

I was doing so well with my blogging at the beginning of the year.  I was enjoying the writing process and documenting our life.

Then, as it always seems, YEARBOOK took over my life and I lost focus.

Anyhow, today was the last day of school.  Hopefully, I can enjoy my week off before I start Summer School on the 15th.  I say hopefully because I am scheduled for jury duty.  Fingers crossed that I am simply not needed!

 Received this gorgeous scarf as a gift from one of my 8th graders.  Love it!

 Evan and Hudson both got a track award for the third trimesters sports.

 The second to last week of school is the last week for the 8th graders.  All the other kids have an extra week.  We take that week to practice for graduation and have tons of fun.  The above photo was from our trip to the water park.  I was bored and alone.  The kids were all off having fun in the water.  I was busy taking a bunch of selfies because I liked my hair and makeup.  #vain

 The next day Father Robert, through the generous donation of kind parishioners, treated the class to lunch at Chipotle and popcorn at the movies.  We saw the Avengers.  How cool is our priest that he hangs out with 8th graders and treats us to lunch?!

 Bags of chips for everyone!

 Later that night we took the kids to Roger Rocka's for dinner and to see the musical Oliver.  They are required to dress up and represent OLPH well!

 I look like a very sad lollipop head.  I think the week was taking its toll on me.

 Pictures with my baby on 8th grade Farewell day.

 I'm going to miss these crazy kids!  They are such a talented and fun class.

Besides all the fun stuff we did all week, we have a really unique tradition at OLPH School called Farewell.  It takes place on their last Friday at school.  There are speeches, a few awards, a few moments of recognition, and then all the younger classes give a farewell gift to the graduates.  The 7th grade class prepares an AMAZING lunch and party for the kids after the Farewell.  We had a great time!

 Graduation Day.  Such pretty girls!

 And handsome boys.

 After the THREE hour graduation, I needed a diet coke in the worst way!  Those bubbles never tasted so good!

 Then we bought Hudson a new bike because his old one was too little for him.

This week mostly consisted of attending the lower grade field trips and writing awards.  I'll continue with the catch up in another post.

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