Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hudson's Field Trips

I'm backing up a little bit to share a few trips that Hudson's class enjoyed before school ended.  The first one was to the Fresno State Planetarium and Farm.  The second one was to Blackbeard's Family Fun Center.

Inside the Planetarium waiting for the show to start.  I chuckle at this picture because of the difference in our skin tone.  I swear he's mine!

 Hudson wanted me to take a picture of that thing.

After watching the star show, the kids were taken into the lobby to make a craft.  Hudson needs practice with his cutting skills.  He is capable, but SLOW!

Our principal has a rule that when on a field trip, the kids must be in Mass Dress.  That means button up shirts, sweater or vest, pants, and ties.  They all look so nice.

Just about done!  The other moms and I stood around talking about lasik eye surgery!  Field trips are always a fun time to catch up with other moms that I might not see very often.

After the Planetarium, we walked a short distance down to the Fresno State Farm for a tour.

 I think they may have been looking at the pigs in this picture.  We got to see horses, cows, and pigs.  The tour guide was pretty knowledgeable and kept the group moving.

Hudson is such a goober.  I have to share this story...even though it is slightly inappropriate!  There was a male pig who was facing away from us.  In full view were his rather large testicles.  All the kids, of course, were laughing and snickering.  Hudson pipes up and says, "That pig is going to have two babies!"  Oh Lord!  I didn't bother to tell him that he was NOT looking at a pregnant pig with two babies!  I told him later, and he could not stop laughing.  We've gotten some good laughs out of that one!

There were big pigs and little pigs.  It was a chilly morning, so all the pigs were snuggled together for heat.  It reminded me of Bandit and Harry.

My kids are growing up in such a different environment from my childhood.  They just don't see farm animals very often.  Part of that makes me sad, but I realize it is a different life.  In any case, I am glad that they got to see the farm and listened to the guide talk to them about the food in the grocery store coming from these animals.

 Precious little face. #lashes

 His "enough with the pictures" face.

 His "now I'm really getting irritated with you" face.

 Walking past the cows.  So jaunty.

One mama cow was ready to give birth.  When we first walked over to the area, she was standing.  A few minutes later when we turned to leave, she was on the ground.  We thought she might be going into labor.  That caused a few minutes of complete excitement!

The guide said they just give birth unassisted and that a farm worker would be around later to check on things and collect the baby when it was born. Um, sad.

 Hello cow!

 Cows are fun.  Can't you tell from Hudson's expression?!

 All the kids on the big, industrial scale.  Hudson's little face is behind the boy in the white shirt.

Just think, in a few short years, these kiddos will be in my 8th grade class.  And this teacher/mommy is going to lose her mind when it is their turn to graduate.  Look at the two cuties in front holding hands!  So sweet and little!

After the tour, the room mom arranged to have pizza delivered to the picnic area.  Someone asked for a ball.  Hudson piped up that we had a soccer ball in the car.  I walked back to the car to get it, and the kids and parents enjoyed a super fun game of soccer!

I was proud that I didn't sit on the sidelines!  I even ran (in a strange awkward way due to lack of proper under clothing designed to contain body parts!) and made contact with the ball a time or two!

 It was a very close game. I think parents won!

Sister Monica is a FIERCE soccer player!  Do not get in between her and the ball!  She also wasn't above lifting a child out of the way to get a goal!  I am going to miss this crazy nun!

Enjoying a moment together.

 Crazy faces!

 Oh I love this child!

I am so glad I attended this field trip.  I almost didn't go because my 8th graders were at their retreat with Father Robert.  I didn't need to be with them for the day, but I get them lunch, and make sure they have what they need.  With a little coaxing, some of the other teachers encouraged me that they would gladly handle watching the 8th grade when needed.  I don't know why I didn't even consider attending in the first place!  That is one of the reasons I feel so blessed to teach at my school: I get to see and experience life with my kids.  This was a good day with good memories.

The second field trip to Blackbeard's is a last week of school tradition for the Pre-K through 3rd graders.  Hudson and I got to the parking lot and I needed to unload snacks and water.  I asked him if he needed me.  He said no and took off!

 I found him later in the morning and walked around with him through a solo match of mini golf! #chowchillarepresented

 Not my favorite place, but Hudson seemed to like having me there.

 Bumper boats are super fun!

 Handling that boat like a pro!

 He didn't want to dock his boat.

 Miniature golf.  Hudson chose the Old West course.  I don't think I had ever been on that one before.

 He got a hole in one!

 Then Hudson went on the water slides while I took selfies.

 His head is by the purple mat.

These are the very first water slides I ever went on when I was a kid.  My babysitter that I completely idolized let me stay with her for a weekend, and we saw Back to the Future in the theater, ate at TGI Friday's, and came to Blackbeard's and slid down these very slides!  Oh the memories!

He went up and down these slides no less than 20 times!  Great workout and lots of fun!

I was glad I got to be with Hudson on both of his field trips this year.  He seems to like having me with him.  Next year, Dad will go with him on the big train trip to Sacramento!

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