Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites: First Week of Summer Vacation

The kids and I enjoyed our one week of summer vacation before summer school starts next week.  The week was completely unscheduled mainly because I was on call for jury duty.  There were so many more things I wanted to get done, but hey, it was my week to totally relax!

Here are my favorites from this week.


I made three large batches of mango salsa to eat with salmon, steak, and chicken.  Each time it was absolutely delicious!  Peel and chop one mango, chop half a red onion, seed and chop one jalepeno, chop a good handful of cilantro, and squeeze the juice of one lime on top.  Pure goodness!


Having enough time to get to doctor appointments without the stress of leaving work or being late.  We also went to the dentist later that day as well.  No worry. No stress. No rush.


Watching the USA Women's Soccer Team win their first game in the World Cup was a definite favorite!


I made a craft.  Now I just need to clean the house so I can finish decorating.  Hudson had the nerve to ask me why I only decorated with one thing.  Well, dear son, that is because the rest of the house is in shambles and I don't want to decorate a mess.


Once I was excused for jury duty for one afternoon, I took the kids to MB2 to race.  They were the only two in the race!  Had the place to ourselves because we finished school a week before the local schools around here.


 Candy socks.  This doesn't even need an explanation because they are so awesome!


 An afternoon cup of coffee seems to HIT THE SPOT lately.


Hudson and I took a walk/ride in the evening on Wednesday.  It was wonderful!  Breezy. Cool. Perfect.


Once we got back, I was still a few hundred steps short of my 10,000, so we played soccer in the street until dark!  That was a lot of fun!

And my number TEN favorite thing this week (although it was my #1 favorite thing) was this:

After calling in each night since Sunday night, and then having to call today at 11:30, I am officially free of my civic duty!  I am so relieved that I didn't have to actually report.  I believe in our judicial system, but all the same, I was happy to stay home this week!

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