Sunday, June 14, 2015

Daily 4C - Week of June 7-June 13

First week of summer is in the books, and we ended it with a really fun day at the beach with Evan's soccer team.

June 7

I've never had mango salsa until Amanda's wedding, and I LOVED it!  I looked up a recipe on Pinterest, and have now made three batches of the delicious stuff.  So good!

Monday, June 8

Hudson had a follow up appointment at the allergist to make sure all was well.  It was.

Tuesday, June 9
 I made a Fourth of July craft.

Wednesday, June 10
Each day at about 3 p.m, I've been drinking a "pick me up" cup of coffee.  And it tastes to good and soothing.

Thursday, June 11
I was on call for Jury Duty all week.  Each night I was instructed to call back the next day.  Finally, I had to call on Thursday at 11:30, and I was released from service.  Yay for not having to actually appear!

Friday, June 12
I took the boys to see Jurassic World in 3D.  I was the mom chaperoning eight boys!  It was a really good movie!

Saturday, June 13
End of season soccer party at the beach.  We had so much fun!  It was nice to be in the cool air and enjoy the cold water!  The kids had so much fun riding boogie boards, burying each other, and exploring.  I loved being at Avila Beach for the day!

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