Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up - Schools Is Out!

School is over for the year!  The kids and I get a whole week off before starting summer school.  Well, my time is borrowed because I'm on call for jury duty, but I'm planning to enjoy my days of no plans!

Both boys cleaned up in the awards department on the last day.

Evan: Gold Honor Roll Trimester 3, Principal's Honor Roll (gold all three trimesters), Funeral Team, Excellence in Math, Excellence in P.E, Perfect Attendance Trimester 3, Year Long Perfect Attendance.

Hudson: Gold Honor Roll Trimester 3, Perfect Attendance Trimester 3, Excellence in Social Studies, Excellence in P.E.

I think I've got a couple of handsome, smart, and crazy boys on my hands!  And then they posed in my office with a lemon and a goofy face!

We went to Chowchilla to celebrate my nephew Hunter's promotion to high school.  Since I didn't take any pictures, I'll steal one from my sister off of Facebook.

We spent Saturday relaxing, working on laundry, and I went to the gym.  On Saturday evening, we drove to Hanford to celebrate our nephew Michael's graduation from Fresno State.  He is going to law school in San Diego.  Funny story...he is going to be roommates with my principal's son who is also attending there.  I facilitated that!  Now I hope it works out for them!

 The boys got to go swimming.  I made them take pictures with me as usual.


It was a loud and fun party.  I always feel like Eric's family is huge because he is one of five kids, and there are 13 grand kids.  When you come from a family of four that typically did not leave town for holidays, marrying into a large family felt overwhelming at times.

Well...let me just say that the Forcey Family has NOTHING on the Conway family!  Michael's dad (my brother in law Jim) is one of 10.  And they were mostly all at the party with spouses and kids.  Oh my!  The loud factor reached epic levels to my little homebody ears!  It was easy to tell that they have a lot of fun getting together!

On Sunday morning we attended Mass.  It was dedicated to the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.  They are leaving Clovis and will no longer be associated with our school.  I am terribly sad and can't bear to think of our school without these beautiful souls scurrying across the blacktop.

The mayor of Clovis issued the Sisters a proclamation.  Apparently, her son attended OLPH many moons ago.

Sister Isabel prepared both of the boys for their First Reconciliation and First Communion.  She is just the sweetest and most caring person around.  She will be relocated to the Catholic School in Madera.  I sure hope she comes to visit.

Hudson wanted to go to 2Extreme trampoline place, so we all headed there for a few hours.  I read magazines.  The boys jumped.

 Then we came home and I made mango salsa.  Oh my goodness it was good!

I only intended to put one scoop on my tri tip, but I ended up eating all the salsa I made!  I'll have to make another batch tomorrow!  I really enjoy fresh fruit and veggie options during the summer.

I don't have jury duty tomorrow, so that means we can make it to our allergy appointment and our dentist appointments.  I'd also like to ATTACK the boys room and sort and toss their clothes.  It looks like a darn clothing store in there.  But not in a good way!

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